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If you’ve been searching for the perfect solution to comfortably & conveniently secure your iPhone during your runs or workouts…..
You are NOT alone. 
If you've yet to find a workout-proof solution that fits your lifestyle, you've probably tried:
1) Squeezing your arm into the cheap armband that either cuts off the circulation to your arm like a tourniquet or slips down constantly distracting you from your workout
2) You’ve been unfortunate enough to succumb to using a FannyBelt that flops around, requires to you zip & unzip, keeps sliding down your waist, gets all soggy from sweat, & your phone gets shuffled in the shifting contents while you run or workout.
Which is why we've created the perfect iPhone fitness solution; exclusively for you and everyone else who've fell victim to some form of fitness-band abuse. 
With SlimClip case, one size really does fit all.

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